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Core Design Service
@ Tool : START
■Process free : Integration of CAD, CAM and drawings can be realized with only one license.
■Data compatible: Any data format can be used (e.g.; DXF、GBR、GDSU⇒XFL、ANF, etc.).
■Fast response : Our original fast response system has been established.
A Alliance : We realize lead time cutdowns through a Japan and China alliance in our company and
   collaboration with our partners.
■We make the best proposals integrating the Japanese expertise and processes and the
 Chinese energy.
■We share the latest client information, local situations and "Seeds & Needs".
■We realize an "impregnable defense" (i.e. a back-up system during holiday seasons by our
 Japanese and Chinese staff, one-stop support from designing to manufacturing, etc.).
B Operation : Our own standardization and administration of design rules and processes
■We promote swift improvement and upgrading in direct collaboration with First Company, the
  EDA developer.
■We facilitate the collaborative operation with our client's designing rules and processes.
■We unify the management of the development and operation of peripheral device support tools
  based on a license.
C Schedule : We keep on sharing information interactively with our clients to add values.
■We announce in advance the target date upon confirmation of specifications and size.
■We keep our clients informed of the progress and target date. We submit monthly reports and
■We keep on announcing resource situations.
D Location : We have the capability to advance and complete the whole process in China.
■We try to make the quickest responses and proposals taking end users into account.
■Japanese staff are stationed both in Japan and China, making the concurrent processing
  possible in the two countries.
■The Japanese design techniques and processes in our China office are kept updated.