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Asia Sneedsway Ltd.
Positioning flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards and IC-PKG loaded with silicon dies as our key devices, we, ASW, organize a design service team to, in collaboration with our partners, help them move into the market by offering our exceptional design and consultation services that make the most of our outstanding skills and knowledge in this field.
One of the designs that ASW has helped to create, for example, has been used in approx 20% of the world's cellular phones.
We, in order to offer more surpassed design services, have realized
 ・Data format free
 ・Process free
 ・EDA license free
services, and for the purpose of achieving the "Design for Manufacturing", we have formed a mixed designer team of Japanese and Chinese, who, integrating technical values of both countries, has successfully established a borderless environment, surmounting the barriers of nationality or language.

ASW is going to reflect Asian dynamism in our designs together with our partners and clients based on the relations of trust and the strong "bond" with them.

Core Design Service Total Design Service Total Process Service
・Design + SIM, Integrated SIM
・Design for Manufacturering
・Design platform construction support
・Design consultation
・Trial production/small lot product release