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Total Design Service
@ Speed : Data format free (DXF、GBR、GDSUODB++⇒XFL、ANF、AIF)
■No limit in data's ins and outs.
■Data interface into SIM is possible.
■SIM between "Board" and "Chip" is possible.
■Simulators for which coordination with the SIM service in collaboration with a partner is possible
  ● EMI checker/simulator
    DemitasNX EMC Adviser
  ● SI simulator
    Lightning HyperLynx
  ● PI simulator
    PIStream Lightning PI
  ● PDN simulator
    PDN Designer
  ● Electromagnetic field simulator
    PhysAPEX, PhysWAVE
A Seamless : No technical or process barriers between Japan and China
■We can connect the whole process from designing to manufacturing in one way.
■A closing in China is possible.
■We make the best proposal, overcoming the barriers in technical categories through the corporate
 alliance between Japan and China.