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 From a one-stop solution to the total design process planner
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We propose to use us when …
@ you are thinking about making a direct proposal to local clients based on the partnership with your
  Chinese company.
■We can help you get rid of double work or "telephone game" processes, which makes it possible to
  improve responses to clients and to eliminate wasting time.
A you are thinking about an interface with your factories.
■We can complete all the designing, development and planning processes straightforwardly,
 decreasing wasting time to the least possible degree.
■You can count on our designing functions including various tools & systems and automatic testing
 machines that are necessary for the preparation of commercial production.
■By interfacing directly with factories, the affinity of the total process from product designing to
 commercial production designing can be increased, and yield improvement and extraction of
 cost-cutting items can be realized.
B you have a project that needs a number of development evaluation products or test production.
■We utilize our design tools that are "data format free" and "process free" to carry out all the
 processes from designing of boards and chips to SIM, resulting in the decrease of wasting time.
■We unify the management of documents such as approval drawings and production drawings
 to enhance the efficiency of internal operation.