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Outline of Asia Sneedsway Ltd.(as of November 1, 2009)
●Company Name    Asia Sneedsway Ltd. (ASW)
●Address■Head Office 〒 321-0216 138-22, Mibu-tei, Mibu-machi,
               Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi Pref.,Jpan
    ・TEL +81-282-81-1167 FAX +81-282-25-6848
    ・URL http://www.asw-ltd.com
    ・E-Mail asiasneedsway@asw-ltd.com
■China Office 〒 215011 6-903, Xiushuiyuan, No. 145, Yushan Road, Suzhou,
                Jiangsu, China
●Chief Executive
Ryoichi Yasuda
●Business description 1. Designing and production services and sales of electronic components and
2. Design consulting of electronic components and devices
3. Sales in China mainly of "START", an integrated software of designing,
  CAM editing and drafting
4. CAD-CAM manufacturing technical support (mainly between Japan and
  China,and local services in China)
5. Designing/mechanical designing in general
●Our short-term
To specialize in providing integrated design services and solutions of FPC and IC-PKG
●Date of
August 13, 2009
●Closing date June 30